Friday, May 05, 2017

Ooh-la-la: Le Pen vs. Macron

The French are a bit more mature and philosophical when it comes to their candidates' private lives.

I'm hoping for a Le Pen win on May 7, based on her anti-EU/anti-corporate/pro-nationalist policies. Marine Le Pen's father Jean-Marie Le Pen is a real racist; the daughter took over his National Front party in 2011 and has since liberalized it socially --- it's now pro-gay/pro-reproductive rights, while retaining adamantly pro-nationalist France and anti-globalist immigration and trade policies. Macron, on the other hand, is an investment banker, a supporter of the EU and its pro-immigration/pro-free trade policies...and a protege of the current milquetoast internationalist president Hollande.

Positions aside, the personal lives of the two candidates are fascinating to me. They're so much sloppier (and so much more interesting) than, say, would be "allowed" on the American political stage. 

Le Pen has had two 5-year marriages and is currently shacking up with a guy from her political party. She publicly broke with her father in 2014 after his Doberman killed her cat on the estate they shared. 

Macron met his current wife when he was a 15-year-old schoolkid and she his 39-year-old teacher; they finally married in 2007, when he was 30.

It's all very shaggy and real and oh-so-French.

In the meantime: Brigitte Bardot on the French election (in her Le Figaro interview this week):

“The contempt [Macron] gives to animal suffering can be seen in the total lack of empathy reflected in the coldness of his steel eyes. Whilst the scandals are increasing, he takes the side of the animal breeders and the hunters against animal rights associations that are fighting with the lobbies that seem to have power over this candidate.”

“We live in a period when everything is vulgar, ordinary, and mediocre. France no longer has the radiance, the majesty it had. I am very patriotic. I was raised by a father and a grandfather who fought for France and instilled in me a love of my homeland. I am not proud of what France is today… I’m not a ‘facho’ [fascist], any more than Marine Le Pen is. Marine Le Pen has the will to take France in hand, to restore borders and give priority to the French.”

I do agree that Marine Le Pen has the more soulful eyes. Jean d'Arc vs. Ted Bundy.

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