Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Birthday, Baby!

In the spring of 2016, I was debating whether or not to get a car. I could afford it (barely). But then I also was getting free bus transportation to work via my job. I hated the vagaries of the bus, and its drivers. (But it's free...)

I couldn't make up my mind. Finally, I told myself: If Donald Trump wins the nomination this summer, I will buy a car just so I can put a Trump sticker on it. (I was, and am, THAT into Trump.)

He won. I made the leap into buying my first car on my own (which took a lot of financing that I had no idea about). July of 2016.

Now, nearly July of 2017, my little Mazda 2 is 1 year old in my possession. Has not given me a second's worth of trouble. Just got my first inspection, went through my first registration process.

I'm so thankful that I chose to get this car rather than continuing to ride the bus, which was an ongoing series of annoyances: Asshole drivers and passengers, plus non-existent schedules.

And then there was having to ask people to give me rides, which shouldn't have been personally degrading, but was --- family, friends, acquaintances... all got very weird when it came to asking them for a ride, even if just a mile away.

An example: Two years ago, my nephew was having his birthday at a pizza place just 1 mile up the road. Not one of my family members asked if I needed a ride. Prideful, I didn't ask for a ride, instead walking the mile in the 100-degree heat; I showed up sopping wet, spent the majority of the time mopping up my sweat with pizza-parlor napkins. Another example: Two years ago, a friend invited me out to her place, but had to pick me up and take me there. She promised to take me to work the next day... but the next morning, she felt "dizzy" and couldn't drive me, so I had to take a cab...

NEVER rely on other people.

I was scared about driving again. I hadn't driven since 2007, when I sold my old Ford Contour to move to New York City... But after 9 years, I did it --- I DID drive again.

Happy 1-year anniversary to my trusty Mazda 2, and thanks to Donald Trump for the inspiration.

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