Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Machete al Machote!

"Machete al Machote!" ("Machete to the Machos!") Thanks to Gustavo for pointing out a feminist street/university campaign featuring Joan Crawford's "Strait-Jacket" image that's been going around Spanish-speaking countries (such as Spain, Mexico, Chile) since 2013 or so.

Says Joan in "Conversations" (interviewed in '75-76 by Roy Newquist):

(1) Actually, to [Women's Libbers] I should be some sort of heroine; I brought more men to their knees, or actually ruined them, than any other actress in Hollywood history. They should order their membership to see old Joan Crawford movies; if anyone could handle those mean male bastards, Joan could.

But then there's:

(2) I don't think Women's Lib came on very attractively. The leaders not only weren't feminine, they looked as though they'd parked their semi's outside when they came in to go on TV. Men didn't like them, naturally, and a lot of women didn't associate and didn't want to. I wasn't exactly what you'd call a housewife, but I wonder how many housewives wanted to be told they were leading useless lives and working as unpaid slaves. Later on they toned down a bit and issues like, oh, equal pay for equal work began to mean something. But at first -- well, the wrong people led the parade.
As far as the film industry is concerned, Women's Lib is a laugh. The strong parts are still being written for men. The casting couches have moved from movie studios to TV studios, and from what I hear they've moved in dozens more. Are any more women producing, directing, editing, or whatever, than in my day? I'm not anti-feminist, but I'm inclined to agree with Adela Rogers St. John, when she said that Women's Lib is a lot of hogwash, that women have always had their rights, but they were too dumb to use them. She says that any woman with intelligence and ambition has always been able to make it in the so-called man's world. I think she's right.

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