Sunday, July 23, 2017

One thing that's making me feel a bit content right now...

My apartment manager has cracked down on the assholes living in the building overlooking my small backyard (which I have yet to be able to sit out in).

I've been here for 3 months now. And until recently, I was already counting down the percentage of time until my lease was up (i.e., "I've been here almost 3 months...25% of my time served").

The "dudes" in the aforementioned apartment have been a chaotic mess since I arrived:

(1) There was a gang of 5 to 6 guys hanging out in front of that apartment at least 3 times a week. (Although, as I later found out, only 2 people were on the lease.)
(2) The "dudes" often brought a boom-box out with them when they were hanging out.
(3) The "dudes" would sit upstairs on the 2nd floor and let their dogs run loose and poop on the grounds down below.
(4) Three times since I've lived here, the "dudes" would invite a dozen friends over to swim all day and night at the apartment pool. The boom-box and dogs would join them out there for 12 hours.
(5) Friends o' the "dudes" would hang out in the parking lot, blasting their car stereos loud enough to literally vibrate my apartment walls (and my apartment doesn't even overlook the parking lot).
(6) A day or so before the 4th o' July, the "dudes" set off fireworks by the pool WITHIN the apartment complex, by the pool (not even the parking lot). When I BURST out of my apartment to find out what jerk was setting off fireworks, one of the scumbags was coming toward me on the sidewalk. When he saw me, he yelled back to his cohorts sitting by the pool: "You've got another complaint coming your way! You've got another complaint coming your way! You've got another complaint coming your way! You've got another complaint coming your way! Right? Right? Right? Right?" (I didn't say anything, just acted like I was going to get my mail.)

I reported ALL of the above, thinking to no avail. My apartment manager was always very polite when I talked to her, but she only indicated vaguely that she'd "talk to them." After the fireworks/yelling-at-me incident, though, she really cracked down: I got an e-mail saying that while there was not yet enough to kick these dicks [my phrasing] out of the apartment, they were, however, given a "non-renewal notice" ---  When their lease is up, they have to leave. And they were also sent a certified letter that if management gets any other complaints about them, they will be kicked out immediately. (It turns out that I wasn't the only one complaining about them.)


Since July 4, that apartment has been quiet.

I wasn't expecting any respite. (As I said above, I was simply counting down the days...) It feels good to know that someone is at least somewhat monitoring the chaos, and perhaps limiting it.

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