Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sonnets for the Fall of '85

Sonnet for the Second

It was the lamb in me
that took me where I couldn't hold.
Wondered if ready to be sold or cut.
Lost for one who waited only
for the gate that was opening,
making me run through
where brothers are turned in,
idols made to drive you home.
Learning at first how to get rid
of things that couldn't be
brought down. The road where gates
are opened, bottles hid, floors
laid on and finally left.
It was for a second the lamb learned.

Sonnet for the One In Between

You would never leave
The gate would not close
on wanting no belief
Not would you stray
Convincing never works
Only ropes are torn
if you reveal the charmed
Chairs will never work
like before we made them love
Alleys are fun for riding
Gates must be closed
The departure was waited on
The door never closed because
no one will ever know how lies we told.

Sonnet for the Third

With the third I got what was overheard.
Taking from others was already learned,
the second I saw my hand steal away lucky
and the third could be reeled in like stars
wished on. Some nights make you see the
lights on dreams you wanted to leave. Easy
comes from wanting, plainly took the step.
Denying made no harm, it only made it run to
third. None read long enough then to ever
let the wanting easy wished on star to be reeled
in, ever. With the third to take the stars
the steps the long way. Learning to leave
with one still waiting, learning again to steal.
Learning the first brought the third.

Sonnet for the Fourth

Long dreaming and wishes might finally
lead to the edge where running into
a world you made can be no more
drinking for the needed, ages don't
count and eyes look a thousand years.
Never with hands did you lay, only
names were said when love needed to
be gone, one never knew the leap needed
or the hand used. It all was older than
my head, so then I reached where running
into worlds you made can be dry and hardly
ever held for much. The hard axe handles
were found, and hardly ever held for much.
What was needed held much more.

Sonnet for the Fifth

Never reaching over the fence
Already knowing what is wanting
There is where the drive must be
taken for the long way waited.
The fall left ready for the jump
to take you over. The look through
the shadow went through the board,
wholes were sought, and seeing made
me wait for the jump or the fall
that pulled me through the fence.
Not through the gate, the way they
said would make you dead.

---SSB at 28

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