Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Why Right-Wing Populism

I cancelled my New Yorker subscription months ago (regretfully, after 20 years of readership) in light of their ignorant, snobbish disdain for Donald Trump. But I still get the magazine's (free) feed on Facebook. Here's an article that just appeared, insinuating a similarity between the rise of both Trump and Hitler.


My response:

Why does so-called "right-wing populism" rise? When the elites in power are incompetent and deaf/dumb/blind to the actual problems facing the country. Post WWI, Germany was destitute, both monetarily and spiritually. And weak post-war leaders had given the country over to global overseeing. The country's citizens were searching for ANYTHING to make them feel more in control of their own destiny. In short: When a country's leaders are doing their jobs, then the citizenry doesn't seek extreme recourse. Trump is a mild stop-gap measure --- the United States has been on the wrong track for over 40 years, and most intelligent people understand that. Trump was the only option we had in 2016 to restore basic sanity to US policy on trade, border control, economics, NATO, foreign intervention, etc. Don't like his "tone"? Sorry that he's a little crude. But his policies are spot on. If it weren't for Trump, the US really might have gotten an actual Hitler 10 years from now.

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