Thursday, November 30, 2017

Texas State Editorial = White People Degenerate


This Texas State (San Marcos, a half-hour south of Austin) student editorial makes me sick. Writer Rudy Martinez says that, until 4 years ago when he moved to Texas from Miami, he'd never met white people. And now that he has, he thinks we're all (except for @12 of us) degenerate and should be eliminated.

Now just imagine if a white person today had written the exact same thing in a student paper regarding either blacks or Hispanics: "I've never met many of them, but they're obviously degenerate."

How in the world did this racist shit get accepted in a university paper? What in the hell was the paper's editor thinking? Oh, wait... Nowadays, it's trendy to be racist against white people, especially by media-brainwashed trend-conscious young white people. I forgot. Just as I "forgot" that, yes, there are now places in the United States where someone can, probably correctly, claim to never have met a white person. (Yeah, immigration from whatever backward third-world countries has gotten WAY out of control.)

And anyone wonders why people, even people with Master's degrees like me, voted for Trump. It's EXACTLY because of sick shit like this that's presented as "normal," that's BEEN presented as normal for a long time now. ENOUGH. Drain the fucking Swamp.

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