Saturday, December 16, 2017

I haven't talked to anyone on a deeper level for ages...

At the office working overtime this Saturday, ran into a couple of co-workers. One, originally from Turkey, in Austin for 5 years, lived in London, Portland, Toronto; offered jobs in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, et al., which he didn't take because of the societies.

I stood there in the hallway and talked to him for over an hour about different places to live, different public transportation systems, different political systems, different religious beliefs, the current international immigration crisis, how the Japanese are a very organized society (and very helpful when seeking transportation advice), and the curiosity of living in Austin above a neighbor whose apartment is completely trashed... He is defensive about thinking that Austin is "just OK." I've been in the town since '83, with a couple of breaks, and I told him that Austin hasn't been good since the early '90s.

He's off tomorrow to London, then to his family's vacation house in Turkey for the holiday season. Not looking forward to the air travel because of how ill-organized it is nowadays. Once on the Continent, he'll travel by train...

I'm not sexually attracted to the man, but I am very much attracted to the dozens of countries he's lived in, and his sociological opinions of all of them. I can't remember the last time that I had an intellectual/personal conversation with anyone.

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