Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Praying for Rain

On Christmas Eve, some assholes were actually shooting off fireworks in my neighborhood!

I'd never (literally) heard such a thing before. I knew that July 4 and New Year's Eve were holidays for fireworks... but on CHRISTMAS EVE??? It went on from about 10:45pm to 1:45am.

Can't wait for this coming Sunday... My only hope is the weather on Sunday night (New Year's Eve): There is a possibility of rain and sleet. Dear god, let it rain and sleet and snow and drive these creeps back into their hovels.

I think it's fair for fireworks on New Year's Eve being shot off from, say, midnight until 1am... But in my experience in Austin, fuckers keep shooting off stuff until 3am. I'm tensed up ahead of time.

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