Saturday, January 27, 2018

Why Revolutions Happen

President Trump recently asked the Guggenheim museum for a loan of a Van Gogh painting. The museum refused and offered him instead a toilet installation named "America."

And we wonder why intellectuals used to be arrested in decades/centuries past. I grew up being taught that such a thing was horrible. But now I'm understanding exactly why it happened. Not that said "intellectuals" were the more righteous and honest; rather, they were utterly DIShonest.

When Obama was President, he got severe criticism from right-wing quarters that I'd never heard of.

Now that Trump is President, mainstream media and institutions (like the Guggenheim with this disgusting, snarky "America" toilet offering) that I grew up with are insanely bashing him, sans any attempt at fairness or reality. NO attempt at fairness. I grew up with ABC/CBS/NBC/PBS/NPR, and my once-beloved "New Yorker" magazine... Even "Rolling Stone" and "Vanity Fair," which I used to subscribe to in the '90s... I can't turn on/read ANY of these things any more!

Definition of Fascism: Control of the media and schools (and thus of all information---until the Internet Age). That's exactly what's happened in America since '68 or so. See any poll of journalists and teachers/professors: 90% support left-wing globalist ideas.

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