Wednesday, January 24, 2018

If I died right now, it would be OK (not really, of course, but kind of)

(1) I've done pretty much in the world all that I'm gonna do:

(2) I'm 52, I've got no kids, I don't like/speak to my parents, I don't speak to my brother. I've had no-one to be with at Christmas for the past 2 years.

(3) I've got no friends. That sounds harsh, but it's true: People I bonded with as a young person in the '80s and '90s all moved away from Austin in the '90s. In the 2000s, I met a couple of club friends, but they weren't really good friends.

(4) I like my current job. I like working on the Joan website. That's probably good enough.

I guess what's left is trying to better myself living-wise. I'm currently paying $1275 a month for rent. I could conceivably buy a condo or a small house given my income level and ability to pay that rent. I do need some sort of goal to strive for. I feel like the youthful goals of Love and Friendship are gone now... Make Do with what is left.

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