Tuesday, January 30, 2018

To Move or Not To Move

1200-sq-ft place. 6 minutes from work. Rent ($1275) is not going up. Those are the good things.

Bad things:

No view at all. (Surrounded by other buildings, claustrophobic. Actual and potentially loud people in those buildings. I'm currently on the ground floor, but I miss being above-ground, I miss trees.)

Bugs. I killed at least 15 big roaches between April 2017 and October 2017. The most I've ever seen in ANY place I've ever lived in.

When I moved in last April (2017), there was an apartment full of dicks overlooking my own apartment who hung out constantly outside, partied constantly by the pool (traipsing past my apartment on their way there), let their dogs run loose, set off fireworks on July 4, etc.

Those guys will be gone by mid-March. (Many others besides me complained about them; according to the apartment manager, their lease won't be renewed after it's up this March.)

Those guys were the worst, but there are still a few other minor annoyances: A girl across from me has a constantly barking dog. Just above her is an apartment full of 2-5 punks who are constantly stepping outside to smoke (they're obviously not rich --- why can't they smoke inside their apartment? What exactly would they be damaging by their smoke?).

But that's just minor stuff that I can live with.

My current place isn't my dream. I'd hoped that at 52 I could be living exactly where I wanted. But it's not so. And where I am is tolerable.

I still haven't decided. I have until February 15 to give the 2-month notice required by the apartment complex. I keep checking Craigslist/Austin for available rentals (duplexes or townhomes --- anything where I'm not surrounded by people on all sides) in my price range ($1400 tops) --- there's barely anything in this market.

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