Monday, March 05, 2018


The dicks at the apartment overlooking mine who've given me so much grief with their ongoing obnoxiousness (partying on their stoop and at the apartment pool) moved out tonight! Before I re-signed my lease a few weeks ago, my apartment manager assured me that their last day was March 5, but somehow I didn't quite believe it... It's true!

I heard a large CRASH around 6pm... Boo-hoo, the dicks had dropped their couch as they were moving out.

When I moved in over a year ago in April 2017, these assholes were parked in chairs in front of their apartment watching me and sniggering as I struggled to haul stuff in to my apartment. Tonight, I briefly contemplated sitting out back and watching their own dickish struggles to move their shit.

Thank GOD they're gone.

(Though, The Overlook isn't yet dumbshit free: The punk couple in the apartment to the right of The Dicks just had the police called to the apartment Friday night. I peered out through the sliding-glass door during the police call; the police isolated the male and talked to him for 15 minutes. Haven't seen them since.)

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