Saturday, March 03, 2018

Trying to turn an apartment into a home

I moved in to my apartment in April 2017, nearly a year ago. The room pictured below was always "the spare room." Books and bookshelves. But I never felt like going in there and reading after dark because the big window was right off a sidewalk and the blinds had numerous gaps where people walking by could definitely see through. I finally figured out that you could order "wall hangings"/"tapestries" from Amazon... My goal was to block people from seeing in, plus leave some space below where I could still open the window and get some air in... (As for: "How will you see out?" The window just looks out onto a row of apartments and air-conditioners; nothing to see. Had I a room with a view, I would never block it!) I love the Ancient World tapestry that I found.

The last photo is of my "Thought Fox" (Ted Hughes) and "Scream" (Munch) pillows in the same room.

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