Tuesday, April 17, 2018

False Memories of Barbara Bush?

Barbara Bush, former Second Lady ('80-'88) and First Lady ('88-92), and mother of President George Dubya (2000-2008), died today at 92.

I have only limited memories of her. She was known as an independent-minded woman who was pro-choice and pro-Equal Rights Amendment--as was her husband George H.W. Bush, BEFORE he became Reagan's running mate in '80. (Post '80, he towed the social conservative line.)

After GHWBush left office, I remember reading several things about her that have stuck with me all these years: One, that when she found out her husband was having an affair (in the '70s?), she was deeply depressed but found solace in constant work (in her case, volunteer work). And that when she discussed leaving GHWBush with him, he replied: "Where exactly are you going to go?"

The attempt to get over the affair and the cold "Where are you going to go?" line have stayed with me. But why exactly? ARE those actual things? I tried to look up these memories tonight, thinking that the Internet was surely the repository of EVERYTHING, but... even in mentions of her 1994 autobiography (pre-Internet), I found nothing. Did I make these up?

Another Barbara Bush "memory" is what I thought was a quote from an Ice-T song on his 1991 album "Original Gangster." I could have sworn that there was a line: "fuck George Bush and his bug-eyed bitch." Why this stands out in my memory is that this was the first (and only) rap album that me and my liberal white friends had bought at that point (in our mid-20s). We were righteously into the beats and politics and anger, but I remember us first giggling, then kind of cringing at the "Bush and his bug-eyed bitch" line ---"well, she has a thyroid problem that makes her eyes look like that."

That said, I own the Ice-T "OG" CD today, and it has lyrics written out in the booklet... I glanced over them twice, and could not find said "Bush and his bug-eyed bitch" line. Did I make this up?? Again, a search on the Internet found nothing re this line.

Why are my memories of Barbara Bush so ostensibly nonsensical and completely un-backed up by facts? Why would I make this shit up?

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