Monday, April 23, 2018

Sharing a Space, Part II

I live next door to the maintenance room. When I was shown the apartment a year ago, the manager told me, "See, no neighbors on this side" as a selling point, since I'd expressed my desire for quiet.

When I first moved in to the apartment, I thought that "maintenance room" mean "supply closet" --- as in something the maintenance guys would visit occasionally to pick up a PART, and then go on their way.

Initially, my location next door to The Guys was hellish. There was a young maintenance crew, and all 3 or 4 of The Guys would be hanging out for HOURS, especially from 2 to 5 or so in the afternoon (when did they ever go off and repair things?). The walls were very thin, and when I worked from home, I could hear every fucking word of their huh-huh-huhs, every word of their lengthy, angry phone conversations. About 6 months ago, though, the head young guy left for whatever reason and a new 60-ish man was in charge. Since then, things have quieted down in the room next door. A big bunch of Guys rarely hang out there now, thank god. Today, though, I got home as usual at 5-ish. And some big, loud Guy was going on and on and on. Perhaps for 45 minutes of big, basso bullshit.

Now, the reason I bring up the issue of "sharing a space" --- I ended up banging on the wall a couple of times, and getting right up next to the wall and yelling "SHUT THE FUCK UP" a couple of times (trying to let them understand that the walls are very thin). Which did no good, of course. Whatever guys were next door didn't stop huh-huh-huh-ing and only left when it was time for them to go home for the day.

I did get to let off some steam with my own banging and yelling, which is fine when I live by myself. But... How would that sort of behavior on my part go over with someone else living in my apartment? Yelling and banging, when solo, is OK; yelling and banging with someone else in the next room is weird and uncomfortable. They would probably be far more discomfited by ME than by whatever I was getting mad about.

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