Sunday, April 29, 2018

"They're Not On Your Side"

My family moved from Iowa Park, Texas, to Azle, Texas, in the summer of 1976. My parents divorced the next fall.

At one point in the fall of '77 (when I was 12), my parents were being, as usual, contemptuous of me, when an outside voice very clearly came into my head: "They're not on your side."

Lest I seem crazy, I've not heard a voice inside my head either before or since.

That particular night that my parents were being nasty to me, I took "the voice" into consideration and went off to bed without giving either of them any energy. (Nights past, I would have cried or fussed or argued.)

Pretty soon afterward, I forgot about the incident. (I hadn't yet heard about "energy" and certainly didn't know about how to work with it.)

Today, though, I'm very thankful for that "voice," whatever it was, or wherever it came from. The second I heard it back in '77, I was too young to understand what it was --- yet it told me at the time to disengage, to go to bed and ignore them. I normally don't have the strength to do that because my natural tendency is to fight and get upset --- that night I did have the peacefulness, given by an outer force.

To this day, I don't know what happened. Thank you for the example. I haven't been able to transfer that early knowledge to anything constantly useful in my later life --- I recognize the substance, though. Thank you.

p.s. A phone conversation with Sandra last year: I told her I had just gotten a raise... Her: "Yeah, I saw that on your blog." A modern-day example of "They're not on your side." (i.e., a real friend would be excited for you and want to talk about it)

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