Sunday, May 06, 2018

I miss a creative project.

The Joan website used to be "The Project." But now, I can knock off Joan stuff in 3 or so hours a night every other night. After 14 years, it's important to me, but rarely a source of blinding, profound insight.

I've got 20 pages of a second screenplay written. I've read that screenplays should be about 120 pages. After all of the thinking about this one, it feels like 100 pages instead of 20. I keep adding a scene or two, and it remains 20 pages in reality!

Anyway, I need some intellectual challenge. I'm stagnant as hell, thinking that this by-rote job-going will be the rest of my life. I'm happy for the income, and the job itself is actually interesting, but... really, that's it??

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