Friday, May 04, 2018

Senility Onset

The other day I woke up after a nap on the couch, saw something on TV, and was unable to form an opinion about what I saw.

Whether the person on the screen was bright or an idiot, what his surroundings were, nothing.

My brain was frozen, stuck. I saw a 30-something male on the TV screen, but I couldn't think anything about him or the program -- nothing.

I realized: This is what it's going to be like when I'm old and senile: I'm going to attempt to make thought connections of some sort, but will be utterly unable to. It was a weird sensation: Seeing something purely with the eyes, but not being able to note anything else about what I was seeing: My brain was missing.

What are the pills that people get from their doctors and overdose on? I'd better start stocking up now.

(I also had another thought: Geez, what if this is what the majority of people see when they watch stuff? Just with Eyes and not Brain --- no processing. A gliiiiiiide..... My brain-glitch felt like a "glide," a swift sled-swoop down a frozen hill. I suppose thought-processes would be the snagging on dirt-clods and bushes.)

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