Thursday, June 14, 2018

Getting Dressed

Most days when I get dressed for work, I know there's a basic black shirt there, and various multi-colored pants from Old Navy to pair the shirt with. And multiple pairs of black shoes. (Plus blue and beige and brown, and clay-colored, just in case.)

Today I woke up with a happy spring-colored blouse in mind. It matched a peach-colored pair of pants. Which would have been fine, except the only pair of shoes was a gaudy fuschia meant for the fall. (The shirt did have some fuschia in it, but the shoes were too much.) Even though no one looks at me at work, I nonetheless felt embarrassed about how I looked. (Should have picked a pair of white shoes and my one white purse.)

Feeling sloppy and not-quite-right, I then went on an online shopping tear: Berry-colored pants, berry-colored shoes, berry and peach tanks. Oh, and I was also disgusted by my shoulder bag that I've been carrying around for the past few years, a scuffed-up brown that looks OK in winter but looks like shit in spring and summer: Bought a new earth-toned bag, a new wine-colored bag, a new black wallet while I was at it, and then reminded myself to take the time in the morning to plan my outfit.

Now, as a pseudo-intellectual with a Master's in English and all, what I wear should not be important... However: I despise how Austin hippies look, as I have for the past 30 years. I don't want to look like any of them. (If I ever own a pair of Birkenstocks or Tevas, please shoot me.)

NOTE TO SELF: Please take a little more time in the morning to get dressed. That's all. A couple of years ago, when you couldn't afford to look better, that was one thing. Today, though: Instead of buying a bunch of shit at Old Navy, et al., spend a little more on fewer nicer things.

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