Friday, June 08, 2018

Weehawken Airbnb!

I didn't quite know what "Airbnb" was until recently. I knew that people rented out their houses, but for some reason I thought it was reciprocal. I didn't know that if, perchance, I wanted to visit Weehawken/New York City again, I could find a place on Airbnb for around $75 a night!!!!

I left NYC/Weehawken in 2010 after living there for 3 years. Been back in Austin for 8 years now. At first focused on finding a damn job, but after getting a good-paying one in 2014 after years of struggling, I'm now getting antsy again--- "Is this it?" and that sort of thing.

I loved NY a lot, but even the cheapest of hotels are $150 or $175 per night... and I wasn't going to spend $1000 or more (including the flight) just to go back and re-visit some of my places. But at $75 per night?? Hell, yessss!!

Weehawken!!! Just across the Hudson, a 15-minute trip by bus via the Lincoln Tunnel to Times Square... And the Airbnb places in Weehawken/Union City are super cheap because most people wanting to see NYC don't know about Joisey!

I tallied my costs to visit: @ $280 for 4 nights at an Airbnb. @ $225 round trip plane ticket. $200 for food and museum entries, et al. = $705. I can handle that. In fact, already $500 in cash stashed away in my apartment over the past year ($100 Trump victory bet, $100 birthday cash, the rest doing freelance work).

I'm excited. I want to go in November, when it's cold and the leaves are changing. Things to do:

Weehawken only (including seeing my old landlords [if they're still alive] and walking along the Hudson admiring the NYC skyline and riding the Jersey bus to the end of the line and eating at my old neighborhood sandwich and pizza places)
Cruise around the island of Manhattan
Chelsea/Union Square
Upper East Side/Upper West Side (Joan Crawford apartment, then crossing Central Park to John Lennon's Dakota Building)
Trip to Hartsdale to see Joan Crawford's crypt

Weehawken Airbnb

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