Tuesday, July 03, 2018

5 Days Off, cont.

I was planning on yet another day of lying around on my couch Monday (recuperating from beers the night before), but the maintenance room next door started getting loud with "dudes" hanging out, so I got my lazy ass up and showered and dressed just to avoid further annoyance.

Did my bank stuff first. (Going in to figure out which of the two debit cards mailed to me was the correct one, and then dumping my plastic container of loose change into the magical machine that deposits the random coins into your bank account; one mishap --- the lid on my change container popped off and I spilled hundreds of coins all over the floor and had to get on hands and knees to re-gather them all. Extremely embarrassing. Luckily, the spillage happened in an out-of-the-way nook of the bank, so not too many got to witness. $4.13 was the take!)

Also did my returns: the pants to Old Navy, and the Amazon-ordered purse to the UPS drop-off store. I got lost on my way to the Old Navy. According to Google maps, it should have been maybe 8 minutes from my apt. And I've been to this particular store before... But... in northwest Austin, there's a huge, entangled knot of highway shit going on: "Research/183" + Capital of Texas Hwy + MoPac. I got off on at least three wrong exits and several more side roads. (At one point ending up in the "Balcones Woods" neighborhood, which had numerous dead ends; took me 10 minutes just to get back to Research/183.) So, that was my "adventure" for the afternoon. I finally found the Old Navy, and then knew exactly where the UPS store was. Rewarded myself with Whataburger and beer.

No offense to Austin, but I really don't like most of Austin. Central, yes (downtown, campus, Hyde Park, East Central, Mueller, a small part of South Congress, North Loop, Enfield). But the rest of it is a big bag of highway blah.

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