Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dead Animals, OHIO-USA, October 2011

Why the mass slaughter? Idiotic Ohio policeman interviewed on TV: "We didn't have tranquilizer guns." (DOH.) I feel sick. GET some tranquilizer guns, you stupid, stupid human buffoons allegedly in charge of "law and order." p.s. Love the way you scumbags in Ohio laid out the dead afterwards as trophies for everyone to look at. Are you really proud of yourselves for this? Really? I just read that Ohio has the most wild animals in captivity of any state in the Union. Really? And no tranquilizer guns on hand? Why that dichotomy? Why, if your citizens are known for keeping wild animals, are you, the state, not prepared to counteract said citizens' poor decisions, other than to slaughter any animals that might escape? Ya think maybe BANNING the keeping of wild animals might be a good decision to begin with, to at least avoid the below horror?

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