Monday, November 07, 2011

Who I Look Like

On Saturday while working at the UT game, a certain Brit bartender told me that I looked like an actress... who was it... Annette Bening! (!) That's certainly a new one!

And then the same girl asked if I was a dancer... To which I responded with a completely retarded made-up tap-dance, complete with jazz hands. (You had to be there. She laughed instead of cringed, which was good!) :)

And later, she kept telling me, and the people standing around us chatting, how funny I was! :) (OK, I'm sometimes kind of funny when I get on a roll, though you wouldn't know it from HERE, where I only seem to record the depths of my angst!) :)

Gosh. Someone I've had a secret crush on since last week thinks I'm amusing! :) When was the last time that I entertained anyone other than my nephews?? :)

The "Annette Bening"-thing reminded me of who people over the years have told me that I looked like:

Lauren Bacall (a random guy coming on to me at the K-Mart where I worked in high school, and then a 50-something-year-old man that I was sleeping with in the 1990s)
Erica Jong (my mother, from the book-jacket of "Fear of Flying")
Molly Ringwald (guys in college when I had bobbed red hair)
Sylvia Plath (me)
Bette Midler (Ugh! My least favorite -- sorry, Bette, but you're not that cute. From a girl in a gay bar.)
Jenna Elfman (a girl in a gay bar)
Cate Blanchett (my older nephew while watching the Oscars a couple of years ago: "Is that Aunt Steffi?")
Draco (the littler nephew, earlier this year while I was always wearing my blonde hair in a pony-tail)

After all of the below photos, I STILL think that I look like Plath the most! (a p.s.: Some Germanic people have the same expression in the eyes and the same bridge of the nose... me, my mom, Doris Day, and Plath, to name a few!) :) As for the other photos: There seems to be a trend of "squintiness"! I beg to differ! When I talk and laugh and EMOTE, I squint my eyes, but other than that...I look NOTHING LIKE Bette Midler...dammit! :)

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