Wednesday, July 04, 2012

6 years of 4th o' Julys

Last year on the 4th o' July, this blog was in the middle of a 2-1/2 month shutdown after 5 years of posting. (I wouldn't bring it back until mid-August.) Sheer depression and hopelessness. No work at all. Little contact with family. No contact with Sandra. I can't remember WHAT I did on the 4th last year. Probably spent curled up in a ball watching TV.

This year: Eh. Not horribly grim like last year. And not at all exciting. Just OK, which is FINE with me, given the alternatives I've experienced! This year, just hung out by myself at my mom's community pool. Ate a light dinner with the mom and chatted. Came home. Here I am. My neighbors currently setting off fireworks just outside my window. But, at only 10:05 p.m., I'm still feeling mellow. (We'll see how I get with more beers after 1 a.m. or so if they're still at it.)

This year's normalcy after last year's horror made me go back to check this blog throughout the past years to see what I'd been doing around the 4th.

2007 was the first year that I was posting in July. (This blog started in August of '06, when I still lived in Austin.) In early July of '07, I'd been in New York City for 5 months. I was only doing temp work and hated living with my first roommate (hadn't yet gotten my full-time gig that lasted for a solid 8 months from late August '07 thru April '08 and enabled me to get my own place). But there weren't that many money woes. And I was still very excited about being in NYC, despite roommate troubles. From July 1 thru July 3 of '07, I wrote excitedly about my boat cruise around the whole island of Manhattan, my ferry cruise to see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and my sightseeing around downtown--the World Trade Center site and Wall Street, etc. (Anybody interested can, as with all the posts, still read and see pictures in the Archives.) This was a GREAT early July! (In Girl News: I was still blogging about Lindsay Lohan!) :)

Early July 2008: My good-paying full-time 8-month gig had ended in April and I was only working sporadic temp jobs. Was worried and depressed about money, though I still had a small cache of a few thousand dollars (quickly dwindling). (In Girl News: Still moaning about Julie L and an even older love from Austin, MN. Still blogging about Lindsay!)

Early July 2009: I'd had one 6-month full-time gig from Nov. 2008 thru April 2009 that only barely paid bills, left nothing extra. I'd been constantly worried about money, though had JUST started getting Unemployment, which would go on for 3 months, so the pressure was slightly off. Cat-friend Gracie had died in April. Much sadness and lethargy. The good thing about this 4th o' July, though, was the fireworks over the Hudson this year! (Until 2009, NYC had had their fireworks on the opposite side of the island of Manhattan, over the East River.) The New Jersey town I lived in, Weehawken, was right across the Hudson from Midtown Manhattan, so I only had to walk 2 minutes for a great view of the spectacle that people had been lining up since that morning to see! So I felt a sense of hopefulness at the special treat! (In Girl News: Julie L completely forgotten; now moaning about Sandra, whom I'd been in touch with since October '08. And STILL blogging about Lindsay Lohan!) :)

Early July 2010: In March of '10, had to return to Austin from NYC/Weehawken since unable to find full-time employment. Lived with Mom in San Antonio, then Austin (when she got her new house) from March thru June, finally getting my own (one-room) apartment in late June. Depressed about isolation from family, little money (only sporadic freelance work). Missing NYC/Weehawken. Huge readjustment period, feeling low about where I was and about life in general. (In Girl News: Met with Sandra around July 4. Disaster!)

Then the drop off the cliff in 2011. And now the modest little plateau that I'm on in 2012, after working steadily since February '12! (In Girl News: No Lindsay Lohan in '10, '11, or '12! Though... I did just have a dream about her 2 nights ago. I don't still think she's so hot, but it was oddly reassuring to see her again...)

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