Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Notes on James Holmes + James Madison

Prurient interest James Holmes sex-site profile: Just lookin' for love.

Albert Brooks tweeted today: "Hey Congress-You want to pass the Goddamn assault weapons ban now?" (Amen. But the local/state governments should do the enforcing---see my below Constitutional argument.)

Anders Breivik, the Norwegian murderer who killed 68 people last year, bought ammo clips via mail from a US supplier.

Second Amendment to the US Constitution:
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

Fresh in the Founding Fathers' minds were the constant attempts by the British in past years to control/diminish the firepower of colonists, including banning imports, seizing weapons, etc. James Madison wrote the Second Amendment, and his concerns about the need to have a well-regulated LOCAL and STATE militia included the ability to be able to counter a potentially overpowering, tyrannical Federal government and its militia (a la what the colonists had been forced to endure from the British). He wrote about this extensively in his Federalist Papers. See this discussion for quotes from his original text.

And Madison is clearly, specifically TALKING ABOUT MILITIAS. Local fighting forces ("well regulated") capable of standing up to any potential Federal tyranny. He's not talking about any lunatic wing-ding being able to buy automatic weapons on a whim. In short, Madison's whole point--according to his Federalist Papers--was that local/state governments should have the power to call up, and regulate, militias to counter any attempt by the Federal government to suppress "the people."

The problem with the INSANE regular mass-shootings that now seem to occur several times a year in the US: The local/state governments are not doing their jobs. They're not regulating, as Madison had hoped they would do. He didn't trust the Federal government, but he DID place trust in the local/state governments. When are the latter going to step up and DO SOMETHING to "well regulate" who in a community does/does not have access to guns?

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