Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Wall Walkers (+ Kitties)

I work around campus/downtown, where lots of tour and/or school groups go and where there are lots of low walls separating the sidewalks from the greenery. And one thing that I've had fun watching whenever outside is: A lot of little kids (4, 5, 6) are REALLY attracted to jumping up on walls to walk! They can be poking along the sidewalk with their family unit or school group, but when a low wall shows up, some of them will immediately jump (and perk) right up and follow along sassily on the wall! It's the cutest thing to see again and again!

Today I was outside a building (near a low wall) that had a couple of kid-groups exiting. A college-age young adult was watching over each group of maybe 6 little kids, all around age 4.

The first group that passed me had 4 boys and 2 girls. One little boy immediately jumped on the wall and started strutting along. Two of the other little boys saw what he was doing and immediately followed suit. Then the fourth little boy (wearing thick glasses and looking kind of uncoordinated) tried to get up on the wall himself but had a hard time. :) He finally made it up, but then couldn't keep his balance and had to jump back off! :( (The two little girls just ignored all the boys and kept walking along with the adult.)

The second group that passed me had the opposite: 4 girls and 2 boys. This time, it was a little girl who saw the wall first and went for it! The whole rest of the group seemed to be ignoring what she was doing at first. But then an awkward little black girl carrying a baby-doll also tried it... She could barely get up on the wall while carrying the doll, and then was afraid to move very fast while up there! She lagged way behind everyone else and finally the adult had to call her to come on down off the wall. (Aside from these 2 girls, the others in the group all stayed firmly on the ground.)

It was so interesting and cute to watch the different little personality types in action! And also to spot a pattern after months of observing the same thing happening over and over again.

The kids-n-walls brain glitch made me think of cats while you're making a bed. A lot of even usually placid cats just LOOOOOOOVE it when you're putting fresh sheets on a bed! Most will IMMEDIATELY dive under the top sheet and start dashing around in circles then stopping then play-wrestling with you when you scratch the sheet above them. Their little cat-brains are just wired to ENJOY the sheets! :) I found this photo online with the caption: "This is what it looks like whenever I change the sheets. It is Buddy our cat, in his own way of 'helping.' And watch out, he bites! (not normally, but the anonymity that the sheet provides allows his tough alter ego to show through!)."

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