Sunday, July 01, 2012


This whole health-care issue has been hanging over both the country's and my head for two years. "My head" because I was constantly depressed listening to the right-wing's arguments against. From the right wing, there was a little of, "It will cost a lot." But there was a whole lot more of, "OBAMACARE IS TURNING US INTO A EUROPEAN SOCIALIST COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!" (Caps and exclamation points intentionally representational.) Guess what: European countries like Germany and England and Sweden and Norway have national health-care. And they're socialist. And they're all well-run---much better run than the US. (And have much better credit ratings than the sloppy US.) So what is all of the "OMG" about being "European" or "Socialist" for? What is the PROBLEM with being a civilized country that provides health-care for its citizens?

At one point, I actually got into an argument with someone on Facebook over "Obamacare." The person had equated Obama and, specifically, his health-care plan, with HITLER.(!!) I don't know why it took ME to point out: "You're completely right! Obama and Hitler are EXACTLY the same! One sent people to the gas chambers. And the other tried to give people health care! They're EXACTLY the same." Sadly, I doubt that the person I was responding to actually understood even my extremely broad sarcasm there.

Thursday I went to work, not yet knowing the Supreme Court verdict. I arrived at 9:13, and immediately logged in to Yahoo to find out what had happened. At 9:15, the news came in that the Affordable Care Act was, indeed, Constitutional. I got goosebumps when I read it. I'd been listening to the Republicans' blah-blah-blah for so long that I could hardly remember why I had initially hoped Obama's initiative would pass: As he has often said, "Because it's the right thing to do."

I don't often accept politicians' statements, but in this case: With the overwhelming number of Americans without healthcare (25% in my home state of Texas alone, including myself through no fault of my own other than being unemployed aside from temp work), and with the numerous cases of people WITH insurance being bankrupted when they came down with a catastrophic illness that their insurance companies wouldn't pay for, and with the numerous cases of people not being allowed health-care coverage because of a pre-existing condition...

Thank you, Justice John Roberts, for doing the right thing. Thank you, President Obama, for initially pushing for this and getting it passed in Congress.

(p.s. To Mitt Romney: The health-care plan promoted by you in Massachusetts when you were governor was indeed the forerunner of this national plan. It was a good idea. Why'd you dismiss it this spring when trying to get right-wingers' votes in the Republican primaries? Come to think of it, why'd you dismiss your gay spokesman Richard Grenell just because he was gay and religious nuts like Bryan Fischer--who's often also spoken against Mormons--spoke against him? You need to have a "Sister Soulja" moment of your own if you want to win the votes of rational people in America.)

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