Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nice e-mail from biographer Donald Spoto

Author Donald Spoto has written 25 biographies since 1976, primarily of celebrities, but also including St. Francis of Assisi! He has a bio of Joan Crawford coming out in late 2010/early 2011. And he sent me a very nice e-mail today, telling me about the project, and including the very complimentary "you are one of the most important people in America regarding all things Crawford" and "I've been deeply impressed by the Website you've created, and I turn to it often to confirm facts and to read your incisive comments on her life and films." And then there's: "I hope we can meet in person some day, so I can detail the fine points of my admiration for your dedication and scholarship."

Wow!! How nice is that! It makes me feel GREAT! :) After all of the murky personal crap I've been through lately, it is so refreshing and, yes, "cleansing," to be acknowledged for my scholarship and work. Thank you, Mr. Spoto!

Read the full letter and visit the website.

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