Friday, August 28, 2009

Predator Dream


I'd been raped. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my mother and father, trying to explain what happened. At some point, I got up from the table and went and looked out the front door.

In the front yard, I saw my dachsund Fritz (I got him when he was a pup when I was 5 years old). And I saw a bunch of rabbits. At first I thought Fritz was going to attack them, but then I looked, and... Fritz was lying on his back, his legs up. And the rabbits were surrounding him. But they were being sweet. They were KISSING him, on his neck and hind-quarters. It was a real love-fest.

I ran and told my parents: "Come looks at the rabbits and Fritz!"

They didn't come, but I went back. Then, instead of a love-fest, I saw a fox attacking the rabbits. And an orange cat attacking a rabbit. I tried to chase the fox and cat off, but it was hard. Both were gnawing on their rabbits and wouldn't leave them... I was on the lawn stomping after them for a while... and moved down to the ditch... Where there was a crocodile... It reared up at me, and I thought, in the dream, "oh, this thing isn't going to get me"... and then it came after me, and I realized "Wow, I could really die..."

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